There is only one way to discover the limits of the possible : by taking a little step  into the impossible.


Mariet and I want to discover our limit and go by bike to Santiago de Compostela. Already over 1200 years this place inspires people  to go and challenge themselves. We would like to connect  this challenge to a much greater challenge of two men fighting for their lives. Robbert Jan Stuit and Bernard Muller, both diagnosed ALS patient , have taken the initiative to analyze 15,000 DNA profiles to find out the genetic cause of this deadly disease. This will cost about 40 million €, but due the fragmentation of available funds this research is not performed through the normal channels. Robert John and Bernard put all their business talent together to get this money through a sort of 'crowdfunding'. They called their project ‘Project MinE’. We want with our bike ride and your support  sponsor  this project.

Follow us on our journey through . Every time we cross a border , we will remind you on our website and by email to donate. Any amount is welcome , but as an indication here some numbers:

• analysis of  one chromosome  , the building block of DNA profile , costs € 75 ,

• analyzing one DNA profile will cost € 1,950

In total, 15,000 DNA profiles should be analyzed. Our goal is to at least be able to donate 1 DNA profile as a result of our campaign

How does it work?

Our campaign we called ALS Leidraad, (As a Guidance) as raising funds for ‘ProjectminE’  guides our journey . The campaign is launched on the website of Project MinE.

By going to this site you can make a donation . The website keeps track of how much is donated and of how much of the goal is reached.  The site is suppose to  update directly after a donation . At any time of the trip you can make a donation . At every border that we pass , we will  bring this campaign to your attention again . If all goes well, July 1st, the trip has come to an end  the campaign closes .

I hope that many of you are with us touched by the story of Robbert Jan Stuit and Bernard Muller and contribute to their groundbreaking mission to determine the root cause ALS. For the complete story , see :

 A boundaryless thanks!

 Dirk and Mariet Noordegraaf



PS. You can be sure that every penny of your donation goes to this project . It is vital for both .